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Our team partners with tech innovators, governments, airports, airlines, and transportation leaders to envision, develop, and realize innovative solutions to secure people and goods on the go.


is the Tibetan Goddess of Travel and Worldly Protector who rode on the back of a golden bee. We support worldly protectors. And bees are cross-pollinators, just like us. Appropriate, no?

What We Believe - What We Believe -

What We Believe - What We Believe -

What We Believe - What We Believe -

What We Believe - What We Believe -

When we created LAM LHA, we looked at the industry, the market, and our competitors, and determined what could be done better.  We then opened the windows, shook out the carpets, and started doing things differently. And thinking differently, like this:

Fewer walls lead to greater collaboration.

Here's the thing. We don't have all the answers. But we very likely know someone who does. You can't reimagine a universe when you're living in a silo; our world is vast and interwoven. This allows us to bridge the differences between the culture of new tech, and the cultures of government, airlines, and airports. We've worked for them all, and with them all. Our network of cohorts includes experts who feed us insights and intelligence tech, government, and industry.

Honesty rules.

Our relationships grow from a foundation of ease with one another, comfort in trust, and abject honesty. We’ll give you a complete understanding of process, opportunity, and risk so that together, we can evaluate all the options available.

People should be the focus of security technology and practices.

Future security practices and applications need to be designed around the needs of the end-user, focusing on desirability, feasibility, and viability. This focus allows us to develop and deploy the right tech solutions, to the right markets, at the right time. Being nimble, resourceful, responsive, and right sized, we're always prepared to act, no matter what the challenge. Then, we execute like a rocket.

Change is 20% technology and 80% people, process, and politics

We see beyond “bold ideas” and “new technology” to decode the human, operational, and political elements that must align to integrate new processes and technologies into the real-world security ecosystems. We have a keen understanding of how to navigate all the intricacies.

Good planning is everything

Without thoughtful and strategic planning, brilliant ideas become missed opportunities. Sustained progress requires consistent communication and focused collaboration. Our proven approach to project execution helps us guide your team’s big idea from an initial concept to real-world implementation. At the start of each day, we ask ourselves "What can we do for our clients to move them closer to their goals?"


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Anne Marie Pellerin, our founder and managing partner, began LAM LHA in 2014 after leading the US Transportation Security Administration's innovation group.

LAM LHA was envisioned as a focused team of private-sector experts, dedicated to guiding technological innovations from the laboratory to practical implementation in real-word aviation, transportation, and security environments.

Since our first project developing the International Air Transportation Association’s (IATA) Smart Security guidance materials and airport case studies, we've expanded our capabilities to support some of the industry's most innovative enterprises in bringing new approaches and capabilities to the forefront and preparing for the future.

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"LAM LHA knows the latest technological, operational, and regulatory trends. They’re intimately familiar with what every stakeholder in this world is thinking—almost to a psychic degree."

Bruno Faviero

(former) COO, Synapse (acquired by Palantir)

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