The most compelling proof of the value of partnering with LAM LHA comes directly from our clients.

There's six degrees of separation - or less - between LAM LHA and European aviation stakeholders. Throw in LAM LHA's renowned hustle, and you're simply unstoppable.

Adam Triolo

Vice President, Commercial Business Development, REGENT
LAM LHA tells you when they don't know something, or someone. That's unusual for a consultant. Then they'll dig deep and deliver that knowledge, or that person, and move the dial yet again. Talk about getting it done.

Aaron Estes

Two things about working with LAM LHA. Their network is unmatched among aviation security advisors. And everyone in their network just loves working with Anne Marie and her team!

Soeren Ibsen

LAM LHA quickly became a key advisor in how IDEMIA navigates the complexity of the EU decision-making process. Their expertise and full commitment to supporting our advocacy and market research efforts is very helpful.

Jean-Christophe Fondeur

Chief Technology Officer, IDEMIA
LAM LHA knows the latest technological, operational, and regulatory trends. They’re intimately familiar with what every stakeholder in this world is thinking—almost to a psychic degree.

Bruno Faviero

PM at Palantir (formerly Co-Founder and COO at Synapse)

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