Anne Marie Pellerin
Founder and Managing Partner
September 25, 2023

Key Takeaways from the Next Generation Aviation Security Think Tank at this year's Future Travel Experience (FTE)

As is evident from my smile, I enjoyed the exchange with Lisa Sullivan, J. Matt Gilkeson, Dr. Joe Leader, Tim Lorenzen, Ian Law, and Bob Kwik. What an outstanding group of professionals leading the way to a more agile and passenger-centric aviation security sector in 2030.

✈Five takeaways from last week's discussion:

1) Focus on the gain. 🏆 Sure, there's a gap between where we are today, and where we'd like to be in 2030. But, we have come so far. There have been incredible advancements over the last seven years and the pace of change is accelerating further. We've put wins on the board with digital identity verification, the automation of screening and facilitation activities, and interoperability of systems - to be celebrated, and to provide encouragement for the "realm of possible" in the years to come.

2) Security & facilitation go hand-in-hand. Optimizing security processes is imperative given the challenges of limited infrastructure and an increasing number of passengers annually. Enhancing security at all costs is no longer an option, and both private and public stakeholders are committed to working together to find balanced and sustainable approaches.

3) Passenger empowerment 💪 high on the agenda. Disenfranchised passengers will find other modes of transport, and we cannot afford that as an industry. Public and private decision-makers are committed to putting passengers in charge of their data and travel experience through robust data protection practices, thorough communications, enhanced tools, opt-in/out processes, and self-service options.

4) Interoperability and predictability matter. 🌎 The recent rapid evolution of biometric-based identity verification in U.S. travel has outpaced other corners of the globe. Although this is incredible for U.S. travelers domestically, we have not yet realized the interoperability and connectivity necessary to support seamless international travel and, at the same time, enhance the security of the transportation network. Collaboration between governments has never been more critical.

5) However fast we're moving, we must move faster. 🏃♂️ The pace of technological change is off the charts. How people move, and the solutions available to them, are changing every day. In 2030, passengers will have more options and a different mindset regarding the environment, digital tools, and work. The threat will also evolve, and we must keep pace. Although the tech is important, the way we empower teams and design processes to be more iterative and resilient is imperative.

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