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February 13, 2024

LAM LHA Contribution in US Homeland Security Today

Thanks to Homeland Security Today for the opportunity to contribute this article from Managing Partner Anne Marie Pellerin and Consultant Rose Marengo on the risks posed by lithium batteries, as well as new approaches to enhance mitigation.

Why Does TSA Care About Your Electric Toothbrush (Lithium ion) Battery?

Detection is key to stopping fires..or worse…in airplane cabins and cargo bins.

By Anne Marie Pellerin And Rose Marengo

Numerous incidents on airplanes have had Transportation Security Administration Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) on high alert about an exceedingly common item: Lithium (Li) ion batteries. Found in everything from laptops, phones, tablets and even electric toothbrushes.  

First commercialized in 1991, they have typically been used to power ordinary day-to-day items and the properties associated with lithium batteries—their lightweight, energy density, long lifespan and high performance—have contributed to making them a very attractive solution for manufacturers.

In recent years, their use in larger electric vehicles such as electric scooters and cars has led to a rapid acceleration of the demand for lithium batteries—and in turn their use worldwide.  Global demand for lithium batteries is predicted to increase seven-fold between 2022 and 2030.

Full article on Hstoday Why Does TSA Care About Your Electric Toothbrush (Lithium ion) Battery? - HS Today

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