Security Innovation
October 19, 2023

The Future is Bright!

Taite Bergin Pauley joins as Business Operations Director for the US. Taite oversees business operations here at LAM LHA, so in some ways she's like our master of air traffic control. Taite manages projects and relationships and drives initiatives to the finish line, with 20+ years of experience in government and government relations, international business, marketing and communications, large-scale event production, and client success.

Thomas Bush is a career intelligence and security executive, with more than 30 years in national security, intelligence, and homeland defense. Tom retired from federal service in 2022, the last dozen years as a member of the Senior Executive Service. Tom’s wealth of knowledge of the security space is central in advising our clients on business strategy.

Craig Lynes has 25 years with the Federal Aviation Administration at the Department of Transportation and then the Transportation Security Administration at the Department of Homeland Security. His DHS stint includes three overseas assignments, and several executive and leadership roles. Craig retired from federal service and we are ecstatic to have him in the boat.

Please join us and our long-standing advisor Richard Lareau in welcoming this trio to the LAM LHA US team!

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