Case Study


Project Overview

A U.S. Department of State prime contractor needed assistance reviewing aviation security equipment in place in multiple airports in a donor country.  We reviewed systems against a maturity model framework and developed a roadmap for upgrades and future acquisitions to enhance baseline security.

Client Profile



Business Type

U.S. Government Prime Contractor

Client Location

North America (focus on North Africa)


  • Data collection through on-site partner
  • Review of equipment information against a maturity model
  • Research on system upgrades and/or new tech available
  • Development of assessment and roadmap deliverable

Key Outcomes

  • Informed use of USG funds to acquire new security equipment for foreign authority
  • Informed recommendations to foreign authority regarding the acquisition of new security equipment in use today in operational environments
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“Keeping pace with advancements in security detection tech is a struggle even for advanced countries and operators. Most authorities need a back-to-basics approach in understanding what they have, how it’s mitigating risk, and how they can improve. Through our partner, we provided this foreign authority and operator exactly this kind of analysis and roadmap.”

Anne Marie Pellerin

Managing Partner, LAM LHA

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