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100% remote possible, with preference for Washington, DC area. Possibility of a co-working space near your home. Up to 3 days of travel per month and team meetings in Washington, DC once per quarter.

Do you shine when working on something that positively impacts people, at scale (think airports all over the world)? Are you a born communicator who will sprint the extra mile to over-deliver for a client in need?    

About Us

LAM LHA is a leading global consultancy to the aviation security and passenger facilitation industry. Founded in 2015 and with offices in Washington, DC and Paris, France we're a boutique strategy and federal market advisory firm that offers the world’s most innovative technology companies and aviation operators a competitive edge through our unrivalled expertise and industry insight. Our people are at the heart of everything LAM LHA accomplishes; we pride ourselves on working hard, helping each other, and over-delivering for our rockstar clients… every-single-time. We are also nerdy about aviation and security, and how these sectors and the mission space is constantly evolving through new and emerging tech.  

What we’re looking for in our Associate Director, Federal Go-To-Market.

This role is the perfect fit for someone who wants to use their consulting background and knowledge of federal government R&D and sales to advise very cool technology clients on accelerating opportunity capture and laying the foundation for long-term success. We’re looking for someone to cultivate positive relationships with our clients and our community, lead junior staff and SME partners on multiple client accounts, be an innovative and strategic thinker about how we deliver to our clients with greatest impact, and dive into documenting processes and developing/tracking metrics to support growth.  

What you’ll be responsible for as our Associate Director, Federal Go-To-Market:

• Lead a range of client accounts, managing teams of junior staff and external SME partners against project scope and work plan, ensuring that assigned tasks and responsibilities are clear to entire team and accomplished in a timely, cost-effective manner.

• Anticipate project issues, assess alternatives, and take charge of resolving them in a professional and tactful manner.

• Continually exceed expectations of, partners, and colleagues with regular, timely, and inciteful written and oral communications related to scope of engagement.

• Create and continuously refine documented processes and/or internal systems in the U.S. practice to enhance client delivery and support our growth.

• Directly manage junior consulting team workflow and performance, including organizing regular touchpoints and managing the performance evaluation process.

• Continue to enrich and expand current already sizeable network to build knowledge base and influence sector trends for the benefit of our clients, and because we put heart into the homeland security mission space.

• Support business development activities, with focus on securing client renewals.

You'll thrive in this role if this sounds like you:

1. You love leading client accounts. Having worked in consulting for many years, you love having full ownership over the creation, execution, and results of client engagements. You’re constantly seeking to improve these projects asking yourself things like: What’s working? What’s not working? How can I improve this? How can I make this better? Does the client know we’re doing everything possible for them?  Did I see the results I was hoping for? What are other people doing in the industry? etc. to achieve measurable outcomes?

2. You’re a confident decision-maker. You enjoy taking initiative, which means you don't need to be micromanaged. You set your own deadlines, make the decisions that need to be made, and accomplish them! You’re great at systematically communicating on all the great work you’re doing up the chain using established business practices so that no one needs to ask what you’re up to and where you might need help.

3. You have strong attention to detail. People tend to compliment you on your strong attention to detail and you're constantly reviewing your work to ensure it's as thorough as possible.

4. You have a knack for seeing the bigger picture and thinking strategically. You love thinking about how new ideas fit into the bigger picture of a project and business. You love strategizing creative ways to improve client engagements to create the best outcomes possible.

5. You enjoy having the freedom and autonomy to work remotely and off-hours if necessary. You love the fact that you get to create your own schedule because you're a natural go-getter. You're also incredibly self-disciplined to still be on top of your projects, deadlines, and communications with the rest of the team.  

6. You're exceptional at representing a firm in a personal, professional, and friendly way. You love being the go-to person to respond to questions and communicate with anyone whether that's a government partner, a client prospect, a contractor, or an airline/airport. You love helping and providing detailed and thorough responses in a genuine and personable way and are willing to extend outside your comfort zone.

7. You’re all-in on jumping topic to topic with little prior exposure to the subject matter. You get a kick out of hopping into topics that you know very little about because you are confident that you’ll learn what you need to over time and you realize that your value is much more than specific expertise on a particular topic (for which we have tons of rockstar SME partners).  

8. You are over-the-moon passionate about the company's mission and, in the end, a born coach! You could spend hours coaching our tech company clients on how to attack the market because you’re a born helper and you want to see them succeed and you love to mind-meld over go-to-market goodness.

9. You don’t want to run your own business. Maybe you’ve been around that block, and it wasn’t for you. Now you can have all the benefits of supporting the growth of a business, without all the headaches + expenses of building your own empire. It’s like the best of both worlds! You don’t want the pressures of marketing + growing your own business (way too hard), but you do enjoy being the right-hand person to someone else who is doing it.

10. You want to take on more, not less, over time. You like the idea of directly participating in the growth of the business (from micro-business to more!) and are keen on creating more opportunity for yourself over time because of this growth. Type “I AM IN” in the subject line of your application if all these things describe you.

In a nutshell, you have:

● 10+ years in consulting and client delivery

● Experience in/exposure to federal government BD and go-to-market

● Interest in/knowledge of new and emerging technologies

● Excellent oral and written communication skills  

● A passion for independently leading all elements of client engagements and managing a team of junior staff

● Excellent multitasking and time-management skills

● Bachelor’s degree, with master’s or more a plus

● Work for or with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and its component agencies, or in the security or aviation sectors, also a plus

You in? Here are the details:

Position: Full-Time

Position Start Date:  Accepting rolling submission applicants

Location: 100% remote possible, with preference for Washington, DC area.  Possibility of a co-working space near your home.  Up to 3 days of travel per month and team meetings in Washington, DC once per quarter.

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